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Serve With Heart

Embracing A Culture Of Servant Leadership We Learned That A Great Leader Must Start With A Heart That Serves And Puts Others First


COVID-19 ASSSTANCE: In responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, we did a fundraising campaign for our communities that spread around the country. With the generosity of our donors we were able to provide assistance for more than 60.000 people. COMMUNITIES : For years, we adopted 26 communities & we provide the formal integrated education for 1.024 children in those communities through Sponsor A Child program. FEEDING PROGRAM: We work together with JMM ministries in providing nutritional meals for our sponsored children in their school days. HEALTH SERVICES: As part of transforming the community that we work with, we also provide basic medical check up , vitamins & medicines for the people. HOME RENOVATION PROGRAM: After waiting more than 20 years, finally in November 2020 Trivena, one of our Sponsor a Child received a new home. JOY BAG : World Harvest collaborated with IFGF church to give an unforgettable Christmas gifts for the children and their families in the community. We were able to put smiles on over 1.100 families by giving “Joy Bag” that contained stationeries and groceries.


Assisted 151 disaster refugee camps by providing clean water, baby supplies, medicines and tents to approximately 15.000 families.
Sending a total of 8 tons of aid consisting of food, clean water, and medicines to the residents earthquake victims in Palu, Central Sulawesi.
Held a HOME SURGERY project for a family of foster children in Jatinegara, East Jakarta.
Partnered with Hand Of Hope in providing 225.070 portions of healthy food for 710 children foster care that are spread across six target community areas.
A total of 20 foster children under World Harvest received awards in the Mathematics Competition and Science Olympiad in the Tangerang area.


Providing Healthy Food to 209.220 Indonesian children in village areas.
Conducting a Beda Rumah program to one of the families of Foster Children, namely Septian Bayu Tirta, in the Jakarta area.
Providing assistance Free medical treatment to 1.100 people.
Educating 343 foster children across 6 (six) Wahana Harapan School locations).


A total of 171.600 portions of nutritious food were given to 650 children through the Healthy Food Program, five times a week.
Provided free medical examinations to 5.340 people.
Successfully graduated 1.499 foster children (starting from from kindergarten to high school levels).


Provided assistance in the form of food, medicine, clothing and emergency assistance to 9.671 people affected by natural disasters in Jakarta, Nepal and Africa.
Providing medical assistance free to 4.000 people. Successfully graduated 1.518 foster children from kindergarten to high school levels.
A total of 414 foster children attend school in 9 (nine) branches of Wahana Harapan School spread in various areas.


Building 5 Feeding Centers in collaboration with Hand of Hope, USA.


Established Wahana Harapan School.
Kindergarten in Kedaung and Senior High School in Tegalangus area, Tangerang, in collaboration with Emilie Faith Foundation.

Distributing food aid to 25.00 affected families, in the Kampung Melayu area, Bekasi , Cengkareng, Teluk Gong, Kampung Sawah, Dadap, Muara Baru, and Cilincing.


Nine thousand children get educational scholarships through the Foster Children Program.
1.500 foster children World Harvest celebrates their graduation.
World Harvest has established 14 schools with 525 registered students.
2.596 people get health services and 152 people get dental health services.


Inaugurated Wahana Harapan Elementary School.
This school was built in the area of Kampung Melayu in collaboration with Women Of Nation.
Provided Aid for Padang Earthquake Victims.
By distributing medical supplies and other necessities to more than 200.000 disaster victims.


On December 26, 2004, the largest tsunami in history destroyed Aceh and North Sumatra. This tragedy claimed the lives of more than 250,000. Meanwhile 70,000 other people were forced to be in evacuation because they lost their homes.

World Harvest immediately sent medical supplies. A team of doctors and nurses, counselors and several other volunteers to Aceh and Nias. Teams of doctors from around the world came to the disaster area and worked together to serve disaster victims with the World Harvest Care Center. World Harvest then partnered with various international organizations such as Somebody Cares and Focus On The Family to provide assistance to survivors. Hundreds of churches and individuals from all over the world entrust their donations and assistance through World Harvest.

10 CTC (Community Transformation Center) was built to equip hospitals and clinics in the ten worst disaster points, then began to develop public programs in micro-economy sector to help Tsunami survivors.

A Child Sponsor Program (Foster Children) started with 150 Foster Children.


This year has been an important year for us. Because the head office which is located at Jalan Kaji 28 Jakarta has finally moved to a new building, namely the World Harvest Center which is located in Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang. After going through a long period of planning and development, the World Harvest Center was finally inaugurated on January 25, 2002.


Starting from a call to have a wider impact, this inspired us to change the name Indonesian Harvest Outreach (IHO) to World Harvest. We are consolidating our organizational structure in Indonesia while expanding our service area through our offices in America, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea and Singapore.


In this year Indonesia experienced an extraordinary fall. Starting from the 1998 riots which ended in an economic crisis, our nation's condition worsened. Indonesian Harvest Outreach (IHO) collaborates with more than 1400 interfaith organizations to participate in helping the recovery process of Indonesian society through the Terang Untuk Bangsa movement. This movement became known as the Somebody Cares Indonesia (SCI) which was inaugurated by the then president of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. B.J. Habibie. This movement provided food aid to more than six million people during the crisis. Since then SCI has provided disaster relief centers for areas experiencing conflicts and natural disasters, as well as providing assistance in the form of medical equipment to hospitals in need.


As the fourth largest country in the world, Indonesia desperately needs leaders who can help build the nation. Indonesian Harvest Outreach (IHO) became the first non-profit organization founded by Jimmy Oentoro when he was completing his studies in the United States. The first program launched at that time was SEDOLAR A DAY FOR THE NATION ($1 a Day to Bless a Nation). This initial seed then spread and had an impact on the nations.