Wahana Harapan Nias

Wahana Harapan Nias was founded in 2011 by World Harvest on Nias Island, North Sumatra. Pulau is an island located off the coast of North Sumatra, Indonesia.

The dominant religion is Christianity, although the majority are Christians, Nias is quite well known as an 'island with unique rituals'.

The most famous of these events are the War Dance and the Rock Jumping, a manhood ritual that sees young men leap over a two-meter-high stone tower to their destiny.

Currently, Wahana Harapan Nias School has only a Kindergarten, and a higher level of education will be developed.

Our Ministry

Wahana Harapan School

Wahana Harapan School was founded in 2000 as a service center that provides proper education for people in underprivileged communities, so that children in the community can grow into individuals who have good character.

Currently, Wahana Harapan Schools are located in four locations, namely in Tegal Angus, Malay and Kedaung Campuses (all three are in the Tangerang, Banten area) and one kindergarten in the Nias Islands (Sumatra). We provide education from Kindergarten to Middle School. Overall, currently the total number of Wahana Harapan School students is almost 450 children.

Serve The City

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Wahana Harapan Kedaung

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