Wahana Harapan Kedaung

Wahana Harapan Kedaung School was founded in 2012 which is located in West Kedaung, East Sepatan sub-district, Tangerang Regency, Banten, Indonesia. The total population in West Kedaung is 11,772 people, and the majority are Muslims, Buddhists and Christians.Currently Wahana Harapan Kedaung already has a kindergarten and also an elementary school which every year wins the sub-district level student olympiad. Wahana Harapan Kedaung is currently under development by adding several curriculum such as character development and computers.

Fernando Wijaya

Fernando Wijaya is a fourth grader at Wahana Harapan Kedaung Elementary School. Fernando's family is a fan of sports, especially badminton and almost every night he always accompanied his grandfather to play badminton, because he often accompanied his grandfather to play badminton he became interested in pursuing that sport too. At school, the teachers saw Fernando Wijaya's talent in playing badminton so the Wahana Harapan Kedaung school appointed and motivated him to keep practicing in order to participate in the District level Badminton Olympiad and in the end Fernando won 3rd place in the badminton Olympiad at the East Sepatan sub-district level.

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Sari Olivia Hutapea

Sari Olivia Hutapea grew up in a family that prioritizes education, the way Sari Olivia's parents teach is by being disciplined in learning and always accompanying her when she learns.

So that Sari stands out for her academic achievements at the Wahana Harapan Kedaung School.

At first Sari was not confident when she was appointed to represent the school in the science competition at the sub-district level, but with the guidance and encouragement from the teachers she was finally convinced and confident to take part in the competition.

Sari at school practiced and was guided by her teacher and her parents at school in preparation for the Olympics. And finally Sari took part in the competition and won the second place in the Science Olympiad in East Sepatan District.

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School Event

Wahana Harapan Kedaung School regularly organizes Kartini activities in the school environment for kindergarten and elementary school students. The activity aims to remember the services of the Hero and also to introduce the culture of each Wahana Harapan student. Wahana Harapan Kedaung also distributes souvenirs to the surrounding community so that they can participate in commemorating the struggle of the heroes

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Our Ministry

Wahana Harapan School

Wahana Harapan School was founded in 2000 as a service center that provides proper education for people in underprivileged communities, so that children in the community can grow into individuals who have good character.

Currently, Wahana Harapan Schools are located in four locations, namely in Tegal Angus, Malay and Kedaung Campuses (all three are in the Tangerang, Banten area) and one kindergarten in the Nias Islands (Sumatra). We provide education from Kindergarten to Middle School. Overall, currently the total number of Wahana Harapan School students is almost 450 children.


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