Focus on the Family


For more than three decades, world harvest has ally with Focus on The Family and helping family thrive with positive values through collaboration with communities, organization, and many company. World Harvest believe that positive values should build in every generation of Indonesian family, so its not only effect to communities, city or nation on this era, but it could be a Valuable legacy for the next generation

It become a reason World Harvest-Focus on the Family commit to:

  • Establish educative seminar for Generation, Husband-Wife, Parents and Family, as parenting seminar, Husband-Wife Seminar, Family Bonding, and Character building workshop for generation through Generasi Inspirasi Program.
  • Establish media service through media programs, such as UChanel TV.
  • Establish Counseling program

As the very famous quotes said “Everything starts from family”. Every good influence start from good family, and from the family, the influence come through communities, city and nation.

We believe by the present of World Harvest-Focus on The Family, we can take a part to revive the positive value for every generation and family as they can pass on the value to the next generation. We will never give up to fight for positive value that we can give for the generation and family, as a valuable legacy for future generation. At the end of the day, that values who will raise up the strongest, independent, and fortunate generation. Regards Indonesian family.


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Build Generation, family, and communities in Indonesia to grow within positive and inspirational family value.


Restore the relation of family, also put positive and inspirational value, so generation and family could grow within every life aspect and being an example.

Family Program Service

  • Parenting Seminar
    Every parents wants to bequeath not only a material inheritance for their children, but also the positive and inspirational spiritual value, emotion, and social inheritance.

  • Husband and Wife Seminar
    Every husband and wife are not always inside of “Honeymoon Life” through the year of marriage, there has to be much hour, examination, and adaption to create an honorable and lovely marriage.

  • Date with son and daughter program
    Programs specially designed for every father or mother with their teens. The programs contain with touchable activities that designed to create family warmth.

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Generasi Inspirasi Program

Generasi Inspirasi are dedicated to help young generation to live with purpose and has a good competency character for the future family. The Programs are designed with attractive activity such as a lot of variety games, illustration, discussion, and with an abstinence commitment for audience at the end of seminar to create a purposeful life.

With our motto #LivingTheDream, Generasi Inspirasi commit to build a generation with inspirational value (Character|Competency|Commitment) who can Live The Dream.

Aktivitas Generasi Inspirasi

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Our Ministry

Community Development

Through community development programs, we help underprivileged communities by providing free lunches (Feeding Centers) to hundreds of children per day. We also provide Health Programs, community outreach and Home Differences for underprivileged families. In addition, we also provide Disaster Relief Assistance (Disaster Relief), and take part in providing Covid-19 Care assistance to various Health Service locations in the JABODETABEK area, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua islands.


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