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Wahana Harapan School

Wahana Harapan School was founded in 2000 as a service center that provides proper education for people in underprivileged communities, so that children in the community can grow into individuals who have good character.

Currently, Wahana Harapan Schools are located in four locations, namely in Tegal Angus, Malay and Kedaung Campuses (all three are in the Tangerang, Banten area) and one kindergarten in the Nias Islands (Sumatra). We provide education from Kindergarten to Middle School. Overall, currently the total number of Wahana Harapan School students is almost 450 children.

About Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A ChildOur program offers the sponsorship of impoverished and underprivileged children in remote areas across Indonesia.  Read More

Wahana Harapan Kedaung

Wahana Harapan Kedaung School was founded in 2012 which is located in West Kedaung, East Sepatan sub-district, Tangerang Regency, Banten, Indonesia. The total population in West Kedaung is 11,772 p... Read More

Wahana Harapan Kampung Melayu

The Wahana Harapan Kampung Melayu School was established in 2009 in the Kampung Melayu Barat area, located in Teluknaga District, Tangerang Regency, Banten, Indonesia.The percenta... Read More

Wahana Harapan Tegal Angus

Wahana Harapan Tegal Angus School was founded in 2013 in the village of Tegal Angus, located in Teluknaga sub-district, Tangerang Regency, Banten, Indonesia. The majority religions in the Tegal Ang... Read More

Wahana Harapan Nias

Wahana Harapan Nias was founded in 2011 by World Harvest on Nias Island, North Sumatra. Pulau is an island located off the coast of North Sumatra, Indonesia.The dominant religion... Read More

Feeding Centre

The feeding program aims to provide increased nutrition for children in the World Harvest community and also aims to educate them through character building to be physically and mentally healthy. Read More


World Harvest cares about Community development, especially those in the community, therefore we created a Microfinance program, namely a soft loan facility provided by World Harvest to the communi... Read More

Home Renovation

Bedah Rumah is a program that aims to renovate the homes of World Harvest community members who are in uninhabitable conditions.This Bedah Rumah program is not only aimed at physi... Read More

Disaster Relief

WorldHarvest collaborates with World Teach Indonesia, through a project "Peduli Banjir NTT", is committed to providing assistance to communities affected by floods in Kupang and Waingapu (East Su... Read More

Job Creation

Job Creation is a continuation or development program from Sponsor a Child which aims to provide job opportunities for fostered children who have graduated or are members of the World Harvest foste... Read More

Sentra Vaksinasi WHC

Ayo Ikuti Program Vaksinasi Covid-19 (Gratis) untuk UMUR 12+Program ini diselenggarakan atas kerjasama IFGF Jakarta, Yayasan World Harvest, Puskesmas Kutai dan Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Tang... Read More

Focus on the Family

"For more than three decades, world harvest has ally with Focus on The Family and helping family thrive with positive values through collaboration with communities, organization, and many company.... Read More

Serve The City

SERVE THE CITY edisi CHRISTMAS “INDONESIA CERDAS & CERIA” #BerbagiDenganKeluarga #1000AnakCeria Dalam rangka berbagi keceriaan Natal, IF... Read More


IMPACTOUR Let's join ImpacTour Community to Tegal Angus Village, Tangerang IMPACTour by World Harvest is an opportunity for you to experience volunteering in various humanitarian missions in the c... Read More

Wahana Harapan School

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Embracing A Culture Of Servant Leadership We Learned That A Great Leader Must Start With A Heart That Serves And Puts Others First

Sponsor A Child

Through this program, we have helped finance the education of thousands of children from kindergarten to high school, spread over 20 communities in the Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi areas. We also provide free health services on a regular basis to foster children every month.

Through A Child Sponsorship, foster children also receive character development through seminars and training, tutoring and group growth together through the Generasi Inspirasi, character development program from Focus on the Family.

Anyone can take part in the Sponsor A Child program by becoming a foster parent (donor). You can contact us through Donor Relations to obtain a Foster Child profile.

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Community Development

Through community development programs, we help underprivileged communities by providing free lunches (Feeding Centers) to hundreds of children per day. We also provide Health Programs, community outreach and Home Differences for underprivileged families. In addition, we also provide Disaster Relief Assistance (Disaster Relief), and take part in providing Covid-19 Care assistance to various Health Service locations in the JABODETABEK area, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua islands.

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