Feeding Centre

The feeding program aims to provide increased nutrition for children in the World Harvest community and also aims to educate them through character building to be physically and mentally healthy.

The feeding program aims to bless and have an impact on children and their families in terms of nutrition, change in attitude, learn to give and love each other and to help parents in terms of the household economy so that children can know God personally and be grateful to God. 

Our Ministry

Community Development

Through community development programs, we help underprivileged communities by providing free lunches (Feeding Centers) to hundreds of children per day. We also provide Health Programs, community outreach and Home Differences for underprivileged families. In addition, we also provide Disaster Relief Assistance (Disaster Relief), and take part in providing Covid-19 Care assistance to various Health Service locations in the JABODETABEK area, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua islands.


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Home Renovation

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Wahana Harapan Nias

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