Job Creation

Job Creation is a continuation or development program from Sponsor a Child which aims to provide job opportunities for fostered children who have graduated or are members of the World Harvest fostered community.

World Harvest partners with companies that create jobs or need human resources in their companies.

Elisabeth Tambunan - Binong - Kazuhiro

I am the 4th child of 5 siblings. I am very grateful that I can be chosen to be a World Harvest Foster. Through the Sponsor A Child program, I was able to complete my education up to Vocational High School in 2020 with help from World Harvest. The assistance provided really helped me and eased the burden on my parents, especially after my father died in 2017 and my mother was just a housewife. I am very grateful because now I have been working at Kazuhiro in Supermall Karawaci, since February 18, 2021. At first a work partner in my community (Ms. Esther) asked me to attend the Job Creation meeting held by World Harvest. In the meeting, many things were explained about the opportunities that are open to work for us foster children who have graduated from high school or who will graduate this year. At the end of the event we were asked to fill in the link so that in the future we can be contacted for more information. I also filled out the link, and finally I was contacted and joined Kazuhiro. At Kazuhiro I learned a lot from my seniors who had worked longer than me. I am very grateful for the opportunity that World Harvest has given me. And let World Harvest continue to be a blessing to other underprivileged children out there.

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Suci Indah Sari

Suci Indah Sari is one of the foster children from the Bekasi Community who graduated from school last year. Suci is the second child of 4 siblings. His father had a stroke for 10 years so Suci and his brother had to be the backbone for their family. Suci is a diligent child and her street vendors teacher saw her sincerity during her internship, so she gave Suci a sewing machine as a gift when she graduated from school. Armed with the knowledge he received at SMK, after completing his studies, Suci opened a sewing business at her home. Now Suci can have a business and income from sewing clothes and can also help the family economy. Suci is very grateful to World Harvest who has made her dream of pursuing an education come true, so that the knowledge gained has a very positive impact on Suci's life.

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Community Development

Through community development programs, we help underprivileged communities by providing free lunches (Feeding Centers) to hundreds of children per day. We also provide Health Programs, community outreach and Home Differences for underprivileged families. In addition, we also provide Disaster Relief Assistance (Disaster Relief), and take part in providing Covid-19 Care assistance to various Health Service locations in the JABODETABEK area, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua islands.

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